Minus18 FoodTec GmbH

Freezing - Cooling - Proofing - Pasteurize

Minus18 FoodTec supplies machines for pasteurizing, cooking, fermenting, cooling and freezing. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of industrial processing systems in the food industry, we are your No. 1 partner. As a global company, service 24/7 is very important to us.

We deliver most of the systems fully assembled to our customers throughout Europe and beyond. Installation can therefore be carried out in a few days without interrupting ongoing production. All systems are equipped with a network connection and can therefore always be configured online.

Spiral systems

These are used for a wide variety of processes, products and services.

  • 1 Fertigmenüs
    1 Fertigmenüs
  • 2 Eiskrem
    2 Eiskrem

Pasteurizing and cooling of ready meals; Hardening of ice cream

  • 3 Geflügel
    3 Geflügel
  • 5 Convenience Produkte
    5 Convenience Produkte

Cooling and freezing of convenience products

  • 4 Backwaren 2
    4 Backwaren 2
  • 4 Backwaren
    4 Backwaren

Proofing and freezing of bakery products

IQF Tunnel Freezers

IQF tunnel freezers are used to freeze rolling products and have proven themselves for all common vegetables, french fries or pizza toppings.

  • 6 Gemüse
    6 Gemüse

The products are fed into the freezer using specially configured feed vibrators.

Onside installed systems

Pasteurizing, proofing or freezing

About us

  • 7 Produktion
    7 Produktion
  • 10 Installation
    10 Installation

All systems come from our own production and are set up by experienced employees at the customer.